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Heritage Series Paint-Grade MDF Doors

Paint-Grade MDF Door

Paint-Grade MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) doors are strong, reliable, and resistant to warping and splintering. Already primed, they're ready for you to paint any color you desire.

Choose from solid routered MDF or stile and rail MDF in either a flat or raised panel design. The stile and rail MDF doors feature MDF cross rails and substrate with hardwood edging, and are available in any of the following styles:

Feel free to use both paint and stain-grade doors throughout your home. In many cases, they're split between levels (for example, stained doors on the main level and painted doors on the upper). Paint-grade doors are also easy to clean, perfect for any child's room.

(Solid Routered MDF)
Doors Bifolds
Door Thickness 1-3/8", 1-3/4" 7/8", 1-3/8" d
Panel Thickness 1-3/8" 7/8", 1-3/8"
Standard Heights 6'8", 7'0", 8'0" 6'7", 6'11", 7'11"
Standard Widths a b 1'0", 1'2", 1'3", 1'4", 1'6", 1'8", 1'10", 2'0", 2'2", 2'4", 2'6", 2'8", 2'10", 3'0" 2'0", 2'6", 2'8", 3'0" (1/2" undersized)
Stiles 4-3/8" 2-3/16"
Top Rail 4-3/8" 4-3/8"
Lock Rail c 7-5/8" 7-5/8"
Bottom Rail 9-1/8" 8-1/8"
Mullions & Intermediate Rail 4-3/8" N/A

a: To maintain structural integrity, doors 1'10" or less have half the panel count shown in the door code (e.g. 1'8" 4 TH = 2 panels).
b: Doors 1'4" and less have a 2-3/16" stile dimension width.
c: Certain door styles do not have lock rails.
d: 1-3/8" MDF bifolds require heavy duty hardware and are 7/8" smaller in height.

Dimensions are to panel edge.

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